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We are constantly under the influence of our environment. The sounds, conversations, space around us, and thousands of other factors all play a small part in our mood and our approach to new situations.

This is called the Context Effect. This effect plays a large role in three areas of your business: your messaging, your sales followups, and your surveys. 

The Experience Reset strategy offers a way to navigate around the Context Effect so you can have more productive interactions with your prospects and customers.  


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Cut To The Chase Without Triggering Your Prospect’s Biases And Judgment

If your prospect has a pre-existing belief or bias against you or your industry, it can be almost impossible to break through and have a productive conversation.

In the face of such irrationality, we use the Experience Reset to bring the prospect back into an objective mindset. That is a process called Context Nullification.

To incorporate that process into your messaging strategy, we use data.

Data is a powerful tool in the face of irrational biases, especially when your prospect isn’t aware they have any. 

In your messaging, be sure to include hard facts and data that contradict your prospect’s pre-existing belief or bias. Be sure not to tell them they are wrong, however, as this will turn them away immediately. Let them come to their own conclusion that they haven’t been fully hearing you out.



Reset The Environment In Which You Had Your First Interaction

In a study on college students taking exams, it was found that students score higher when the exam is taken in the same classroom in which the material was learned. One of the researchers concluded that “constancy in environment leads to efficiency in recall.”

Your sales process suffers from the same Context Effect: if your sales conversation environment is constantly changing, your prospect will have difficulty remembering the facts and feelings that you established in the prior meeting.

To avoid this, do everything you can to replicate the original sales environment when doing your followups.

This can be done physically (meet in the same place, buy them the same coffee, wear similar clothes, use branded presentations) or digitally (have the same backdrop to your video camera and/or create the same experience before and after the exchange).




Get Objective Feedback On Customer Service & Product Development Surveys

When you are gathering feedback from a customer or prospect, they are answering your questions through the lens of their own biases. This is most evident in the case of a customer service complaint.

When someone initiates a complaint, they are frustrated and annoyed. Even if you solve their problem, they will likely give bad feedback just because they are feeling annoyed. 

To avoid this, we use the Experience Reset to bring them back to objectivity. By asking the question, “Did we solve your problem today?” you force them into a mindset of objectivity.

Ask this question in a binary form: Yes or No. When you do this, your customer is faced with the facts and must give up their bias.


Author’s Note: The findings that back this strategy are partially based on a series of experiments dating back to the 1940’s. These experiments focus on the role of the Context Effect in classroom settings, testing whether the environment of the classroom makes testing easier. The results of these experiments have generally found that the classroom positively influences test results, yet there is one contesting study with a different research approach. Our Experience Reset strategy is based partially on these studies, with a focus on those which prove the existence of the context effect within complex environments. Our conclusion is that while there are contesting results on its existence, the collective evidence points to a strong influence of an environment on the ability to recall past experiences in that same environment.


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3 Applications Of The Context Effect:
Resetting The Customer Service Experience
Resetting The Sales Environment

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