The Chain Of Logic

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Marketing Strategy, Sales


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1 Hour



According to the Curse Of Knowledge, the more you know about something, the harder it is to describe to someone else.

Let’s say you’re selling something that you’ve been intimately familiar for months, or even years. The knowledge you’ve built up about that product or service creates a wall between you and your prospect. This is the Curse Of Knowledge.

In our Chain Of Logic strategy, we attempt to navigate around this curse by building a logical conversational journey intertwined with emotion. This helps you meet your prospect where they “are,” so to speak.



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Do you sell products?


Boost Sales Of Your Products With The Chain Of Logic

If you sell high-priced products such as industrial or medical equipment, refer to the Service strategy.

If you sell low-priced products (under $5,000), the Chain Of Logic strategy allows us to digitize the FACT – EMOTION – THUS conversation we review in the strategy call.

The best way to do this is through a social media campaign establishing your first FACT-EMOTION-THUS statement, then utilize retargeting ads to continue the conversation.

Once a prospect sees your first post, they will have been hooked. By the time they see your retargeting ad with the next step in the Chain, they’ll have a much higher likelihood of sticking around to see what you have to say.


Do You sell services?


Boost Sales Of Your Services With The Chain Of Logic

The services industry (and the world of high-ticket product sales) is based on personal relationships. The Chain Of Logic strategy thrives in these situations.

The next time a lead is identified – whether they reach out to you or you reach out to them – start the conversation out with your first FACT (see strategy video).

Moving through your first FACT – EMOTION – THUS framework in your first call will ensure the prospect you are meeting them where they are, and it will lead to a higher close rate over the course of the next several phone calls. 

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