Want to host an event with us? Want us to host a private training with your team? This is the place to learn more.

Our Private Launch Lab Workshop

Launch Lab is a full-day in-person workshop designed to help your marketing team build a fully-researched and reliable 12-month marketing timeline. You will be joined by Dan Russell (Vivid Labs CEO and our lead strategist) along with our copywriter and project manager to assist with exercises around messaging and planning.

Over the course of the day, you’ll be brought through a review of your 10-year and 3-year visions. That first conversation will help us form your 12-month strategy, all aided by the Launch Lab Workbook, which will be provided prior to the workshop starting. 

After the workshop day, we’ll return within 14 days with a completed workbook document outlining your 12-month project timeline, complete with recommended deliverables, timelines, and estimates that you can take to the marketing team of your choice. You’ll also receive a Copywriting War Chest comprised of the finalized customer avatars, copywriting swipe files, and other messaging guidelines that resulted from our time together.

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Invite Our CEO To Speak At Your Event

Interested in reserving a date with our Founder & CEO, Dan Russell, to speak at your upcoming event?

Dan speaks regularly on topics surrounding neuromarketing, marketing technology, and the art of communication. His keynotes and workshops focus on teaching about the role of experimentation and testing in your marketing. 

If you’re interested in having Dan join your event and host a keynote, please click below and complete a few preliminary questions.

  • Keynote Duration Options: 45 Minutes or 75 Minutes (plus Q&A)
  • Minimum Audience Size: 50 for keynotes & 5 for workshops
  • Keynote Type: Conferences, Retreats, and Private Events
  • Workshop Type: In-house Training, Entrepreneur Retreats, Partner Training

Download The Split Test Starter Pack

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