Optimization Case Study:



$972,816 in Sales WITH A Facebook Ad Campaign

Optimization Achieved:

▲ 814.54%
Revenue Growth

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Optimization Case Study:




Optimization Achieved:

▲ 200%
Revenue Growth

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Optimization Case Study:



$40,400 in sales from first THE FIRST LAUNCH

Optimization Achieved:

▲ 1,299%

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▲ 814.54% 
Sales Growth

sustained over a campaign period of

10 Months


Team Vivid Rapidly Tested Facebook Ads To Generate $972,816 in sales For A Safety Equipment Company

This client produces and sells safety equipment to fire departments and other municipal services across the US. They were trying to figure out a way to use Facebook correctly to grow their sales when they approached Team Vivid.

The Challenge:

The challenge we faced was two-fold. First, we had to reach a hyper-specific customer segment of primary decision makers (fire marshals and building managers). Second, we had to find the messaging and imagery that would quickly attract them to the client’s offer.

The Strategy

We used a combination of hyper-specific targeting methods to drive traffic to several versions of sales pages, tracking the purchase rate of each. We then launched several ad sets in Facebook to test which visuals and copywriting performed best (measured by sales).

The Results

Within the first 30 days, we identified our top-performing Facebook ad sets and sales pages. Once we knew what those were, we initiated variable cluster experiments on the winning sales page variant and single variable tests on the Facebook ads to keep them improving.

By Month 3, we had entered 4-digit ROI territory and continued to run optimizations on both the ads and the pages to maintain the client’s healthy return on investment.

▲ 1,299% ROI

generated in the

First Launch


Team Vivid Planned & Launched Chip Leader Coaching’s First Online “Evergreen” Product

Chip Leader Coaching provides 1-on-1 poker training services. They were looking to break into the mass market through a series of e-learning courses. They had a small email list and limited advertising budget but offered a strong brand and premium training from well-known industry leaders.

“Team Vivid ran our launch beautifully. They started by listening to our goals for the coming years and built a plan to make it happen. This launch was the first of many with them, and we’re off to an amazing start. They planned it down to the very last detail. Team Vivid supported us in real time throughout the entire launch day, which helped our internal team feel in control. We knew what to expect at every turn. We can’t wait to work with them again!”

John Beauprez

Co-Founder, Chip Leader Coaching

The Challenge:

Chip Leader Coaching had never conducted a digital product launch or sold any kind of group training program. They had a strong brand reputation, but it was never tested outside of 1-on-1 coaching sales. Launching a new program to a cold audience from Facebook posed a serious challenge.

The Strategy

We launched a one-day online summit to rapidly grow the email list and generate buzz. On the summit, CLC sold a $297 training course and $49 downsell. The summit was scheduled around a heavy demand cycle leading up to the World Series Of Poker, which we expected to provide an additional boost to registrations.

The Results

In the weeks leading up to the online summit, Team Vivid ran test campaigns on Facebook to identify top-performing ad variants and pages. Once we were satisfied with our conversion rates from those tests, we unlocked the paywall for the tripwire offer and increased ad spend. Cost per lead reduced to $1.14 and earnings per click increased to $12.27 by the end of the 4-week launch period. Total ad spend for the campaign equalled $2,398.

▲ 1,000% Increase

in total registration of

Webinar Leads


Team Vivid 10X’d Webinar Registrations For NextLevel Practice’s Sales Team

NextLevel Practice is the premier provider of business training for dentists and dental teams across the United States. Their flagship program is sold through a webinar that is designed to generate new clients, but attendance to the webinar has been historically low. They approached Vivid Labs with the challenge of boosting their webinar numbers, which would lead to more sales.

“Our team at Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! We’ve seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. Our dedicated project manager knows everything that’s happening, which means it’s easy to hand off new campaigns and know they will be properly managed. Our internal team can finally focus on new projects now that Vivid Labs has everything else under control. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT now function without them.”

Kelly Dahmer

Director Of Marketing, NextLevel Practice

The Challenge:

Webinars are a great sales tool, but most of the time the value proposition of registering is weak, especially among business owners who are pressed for time. Team Vivid was tasked with approaching the webinar with a fresh take on promotion and engagement.

The Strategy

Vivid Labs audited the existing webinar funnel for NextLevel Practice and found that some critical pieces of the registration and followup process were missing, which led to low registrations and low attendance rates. We incorporated new copywriting on the registration page to better communicate the value proposition of the training and we installed a fresh email sequence to build excitement as the webinar date approached.

The Results

After launching NextLevel Practice’s new campaign, registrations increased over 1,000% for the webinar, and attendance rates boosted in kind, leading to more sales leads for NextLevel Practice. This had a substantial impact on their bottom line and overall sales volume.


Team Vivid Built & Tested A Membership Site For Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer, a leading brand in the therapy industry, needed to offer a series of therapy audio tracks to sell to their customers.

What We Did:

Vivid Labs planned and assembled a membership site to house each hypnotherapy audio, complete with transcriptions and custom graphic designs, in a dedicated Kajabi membership site. We designed the sales pages to include a variety of upsells, downsells, and bundle options to increase the overall cart value.

How The Campaign Performed

After launch, the new membership site boosted sales by over 20%. This was accomplished through the site’s ability to easily up-sell and cross-sell different programs based on the interest category of the buyer. 


Team Vivid Helped Generate Over A Half Million Dollars In Consulting Program Sales For A Functional Medicine Training Company

The FM Shift, a practice management company in the functional medicine industry, had a premium consulting program needing a secure portal for client training videos. They had a need for a live event to promote their program, an online portal to store their trainings, and a sales process to back it all up.

What We Did:

Vivid Labs created an event plan, membership site, and digital marketing sales structure which worked together to generate leads and sales for The FM Shift’s live sales event. 

How The Campaign Performed

The event room was full on the launch day with the help of Facebook Ad traffic and a carefully crafted sales program and referral program assembled by Team Vivid and The FM Shift. After the event, over a half million dollars in sales were closed from the live attendees, and The FM Shift is continuing to use this campaign.

"Leads increased ten-fold.

Our CEO is thrilled..."

Our team at Vivid Labs has been unbelievably helpful! We've seen our webinar leads increase ten-fold, received more registrations for our events, and launched more successful campaigns. Our CEO is thrilled with the results. Our dedicated project manager knows everything that's happening, which means it's easy to hand off new campaigns and know they will be properly managed. Our internal team can finally focus on new projects now that Vivid Labs has everything else under control. They make my job so much easier and I CANNOT now function without them.

Kelly Dahmer | NextLevel Practice Director of Marketing & Alliances


Our work pushes forward the most disruptive & innovative companies in the world


"Working with Vivid Labs over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial. We're in our next launch now and are planning for the biggest one yet thanks to the team at Agency Golden. Their service and support is top-tier in the industry and I'm proud to be working with them!"

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

"Vivid Labs has always provided high-quality and professional marketing support for our websites, brands, and ongoing promotions. For over a year, we've worked with their super-talented team of creatives and strategists. They're always responsive and understanding to our requests, and they embrace our projects, from e-books to marketing funnel strategy."

Rory Callaghan

Founder, FillYourCup & BfreeBwell

"From advice to execution to truly understanding internet marketing, Vivid Labs really knows what they are doing and how to take care of their clients. I have worked with some of the best and they truly soar above the rest. If you're looking for a company to handle your internet marketing needs and stop looking and try them out. You won't be disappointed."

Jamin Van Dillen

Founder, Audio Alchemy Keys

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